Crossing Jordan Farm

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Raising Purebred, Registered Nubian Goats and Jersey Cows In Middle Tennessee

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And He hath brought us unto this place and hath given us this land, even a land that floweth with milk and honey.   Deut. 26:9 arise, go over this Jordan...unto the land...     Joshua 1:2


Welcome to Crossing Jordan Farm.  We are a small, family farm located on 23 acres in Columbia, Tennessee. Here at Crossing Jordan, we raise purebred, registered, Nubian dairy goats and Jersey cows.  We have a Great Pyrenees, Delilah, that watches over our does. Gus, our standard donkey lives in the pasture with the bucks and makes sure nothing comes into his pasture.  In addition to these animals, we also have five horses, two miniature donkeys, a Chocolate lab, an Australian Shepherd, five cats and a variety of chickens and guineas. Along with this menagerie of animals, we also have seven bee hives. With the milk from our goats and cows and the honey from our bees we truly are a land flowing with milk and honey!


We have been raising horses, cows and chickens for many years. Twelve years ago, we became interested in goat's milk for health purposes.  We purchased three does and discovered, not only the health benefits of their milk, but, also the pleasure of their company.  They have wonderful personalities and each one is different.  They are very entertaining and very affectionate. All of our goats are registered through American Dairy Goat Association.  We vaccinate yearly and worm the goats, as needed. We feed a mixed feed of corn, sweet feed, oats, beet pulp and black oil sunflower seeds. Loose minerals and baking soda are, always, available to the goats.  We strive to maintain a healthy herd.


Eight years ago, we purchased our first Jersey, a four month old heifer that we named Jesse. Over a period of time and many accumulated miles, we ended up with several more Jersey cows including a Jersey bull. The girls, as well as our bull, are gentle and friendly pets and we enjoy them meeting us at the barn each morning.  

We hope you enjoy our site and the pictures of our farm. If we can ever be of assistance concerning Nubian goats or Jersey cows, please, don't hesitate to contact us.  

The girls at the supper time!

A righteous man regards the life of his beast...Proverbs 12:10