For the option to purchase one of our kids, we require half of our asking price to hold the animal. Once the buyer has promised to purchase an animal, the deposit for the animal must be received within 5 days or the animal goes back up for sale. This deposit can be made with a check, money order or cash. Please, make all checks payable to Lisa McCord. A deposit will hold an animal until weaning age or for 7 days if the animal is already past weaning age. The remainder of the purchase price is due when the goat is picked up. The balance of a deposit must be made with CASH ONLY . Deposits on cancelled orders are NOT refundable. If an animal is not picked up on the date arranged and agreed upon by both the buyer and seller, the goat will go back up for sale and the deposit will NOT be refunded.
      When it is nearing the time for an animal to be picked up, we will contact the buyer and offer several dates and times that we have available. The buyer will choose which date is most convenient for them and we will mark our calendar accordingly. We ask that once that day and time is set, that all of our buyers PLEASE show up and PLEASE, BE ON TIME. We have met many wonderful people through this farm, but our biggest complaint, by far, has been the lack of concern for our time! We've had people to show up an hour early and as much as two hours late. Neither was acceptable. Please, plan to arrive on time on the pre-arranged pick up day. We understand that things happen that are out of our control at times, and a phone call is appreciated to inform us, if that's the case, Otherwise, we will expect all of our buyers to be on time. 
      All of our babies are dam raised, if possible. Occasionally, we will pull babies, if necessary and offer them for sale as bottle babies. We only do this if it is necessary! It is our desire to see the dams raise their own babies the way God intended.  Any bottle babies are to be picked up as soon as the sale is made. All other babies will be weaned between 8-10 weeks of age. They will not be sold until they are eating hay and grain well. When they are ready to leave for their new homes, they will be disbudded, tattooed and wormed. They will come with an application for registration with ADGA and it will be the buyers responsibility to send this application in along with the appropriate fees for registering.
      We reserve the right to keep any goat from our herd. If this were to happen, we would provide a full refund for any deposit already made on an animal. All animals must be picked up, here, at our farm. All of our goats will be strong and healthy when they are sold. Once they leave our farm, we are no longer responsible for them, as we have no control over their care once they are sold. We have been selling goats for 14 years and have never had one complaint about an animal that left here.
      Goats are herd animals and do not do well alone. If this is your first time to purchase a goat, please, consider buying more than one either from us or from someone else. It is not a good idea to keep bucklings and doelings together after three months of age. Bucklings reach breeding age very early.  A wether makes a wonderful companion animal to either a doeling or another buckling.