It has been brought to our attention that our name is being slandered on Facebook. I don't have a Facebook account so I appreciate this information.  I have no desire to stoop to the level of the one who is making the false accusations and so I'll just state the simple facts of what transpired, here on my farm. I posted a goat for sale. The buyer responded to my post. I shared with the buyer every detail about the goat that I possibly could. When she wouldn't respond to my emails about those details, I would send another one making sure that the first had been received. I held nothing back about the goat, I never do. Before she placed a deposit on the goat, she knew everything about the animal that I knew. When we set a time for the goat to be picked up, I asked the buyer, just like I ask everyone else that comes to our farm, to please arrive on time. She had the courtesy to do that, but when she did arrive, she was obviously agitated. When asked "why", she had no problem in telling us that she didn't appreciate being asked to be on time. We know now that we should have given her back the deposit and politely asked her to leave our farm as we both considered doing at that time. Instead, we did what we always do, smiled politely and treated her with respect. That was a mistake.
The buyer examined the goat, thoroughly, from head to toe. She was highly pleased with the animal. She made many statements about how good she looked and how happy she was with her. She paid the balance she owed and loaded the goat up. I handed her the signed registration papers, the health records, the G6S test papers and a copy of the goat's current, NEGATIVE CAE test results. The test was done by my Vet. He drew the blood and sent the test off. The test results were current and the buyer knew all of this information, beforehand. She looked at all her paperwork and left my farm with a healthy CAE NEGATIVE goat. Had she not had the PROOF in her hand, she never would have purchased the animal. So, the accusation that we sold a goat with CAE is simply not true.
As our Terms of Sale page states, we are not responsible for the animal once it leaves this farm. We have no control over where it goes, what it is exposed to or what it is injected with. The buyer shared with us that she had given the goat she purchased from us numerous medications, isolated her, hauled her to a vet and did several other things that would have caused obvious stress to the goat. When a buyer comes to our farm, examines an animal, pays for the animals and leaves with it, the health of the animal is now, out of our hands. We only sell healthy animals.
The buyer has accused me of saying many things that I didn't say and doing many things that I didn't do. When people get angry a lot of nasty can surface. She said she had considered putting a bullet in the goats head and dropping her on our doorstep. I certainly hope she doesn't follow through with that threat. She did let me know, though, that she intended to slander our name. Nearly the entire time that we have been raising goats, we didn't test for CAE and so we didn't advertise a CAE negative herd. That was due to our Vet's advice. He told us for years that the test were inaccurate and that there were many things that could alter the test results.  He also advised that a goat could test negative for years and without any changes, suddenly test positive. For many years we took his advice and simply sold healthy goats without one complaint and with many buyers returning again and again. It wasn't until we recently tested our herd and handed the buyer proof that the goat being purchased was CAE negative that we had our first problem and complaint.
I wish we lived in a world in which people would search for truth rather than immediately accepting lies. Sadly, we don't, as most people are drawn to drama ( "drama queens" are the actual words this buyer used in an email to describe all her friends and acquaintances who jumped on her!) and would prefer to accept false accusations, which are usually much more exciting, rather than simple truth.
We so appreciate all the great folks that we have met through the years, here on this farm. Many of you still stay in contact with us and send pictures from time. We've met some wonderful people, but on very rare occasions, when we have to deal with a "Cheryl" we have to wonder if the sale barn wouldn't be much easier.